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theron baker and dr phan downtown seattle dentistsResidents in the downtown Seattle community rely on the general dentistry services of Theron Baker DDS to keep their smiles clean and bright.

Dr. Theron Baker, Dr. Lynda Phan, and their highly skilled dental team recognize the power of a beautiful, healthy smile. Flashing your pearly whites can serve as an encouragement to others, brighten a stranger’s day, and even spread joy. Smiles are contagious, so it is critical that you take care of yours.

Theron Baker DDS provides comprehensive general dentistry services in downtown Seattle to maintain or restore the health of our patient’s teeth. We provide gentle, effective dental services for children and adults at our warm, inviting office in Seattle.

Call us today at (206) 343-8774 or request an appointment online to schedule your general dentistry appointment with our experienced team in Seattle. We are in-network with Delta Dental and are blocks away from Amazon. Now offering Saturday appointments!

Comfortable, Efficient Dental Treatments

Our office has developed a reputation over the years for providing exceptional dental treatments, regardless of their scope. Our staff is trained to use state-of-the-art technology and the most current dental techniques to deliver outstanding results, whether the procedure is a simple cleaning, a root canal, or anything in between.

Here are a few reasons to choose our team:

In addition to beautifying your smile, we want to make sure you are comfortable during the entire process. We understand that many patients are anxious about dental exams or visits, so we take steps to calm your nerves and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Our Comprehensive General Dentistry Services

Dr. Theron Baker is downtown Seattle’s premier general dentist and a Seattle Met Top Dentist for nine years running. Patients in the area know to expect the absolute best dental services whenever they visit our convenient office.

Our comprehensive general dentistry services include:

Dental Cleaning & Exams

We provide thorough dental cleaning and exam services in downtown Seattle for patients of all ages. Dental exams promote good oral hygiene and healthy mouths. Each visit will begin with a comprehensive exam to determine the health of your teeth and gums. After assessing your oral and periodontal condition, we will clean your teeth to remove plaque, minimize the risk of tooth decay, and freshen your breath. We have multiple different types of teeth cleanings to ensure we meet your needs. Our highly trained hygienists can perform regular dental cleaning, deep dental cleaning, periodontal maintenance, and full mouth debridement. Most dental insurance plans cover 2 dental cleanings per year. 

Root Canals

Severe tooth pain or sensitivity may be a sign of significant damage to your tooth’s roots. To prevent infection, our team can perform a root canal to restore your health and alleviate your discomfort. Failure to address such an issue could lead to worsening pain, swelling, bone loss, and drainage problems. Let our team effectively treat your damaged roots today.

Dental Hygiene & Periodontal

A dentist’s expertise extends beyond the teeth. Dr. Theron Baker and Dr. Lynda Phan can also address any issues with your gums to ensure your whole mouth is healthy. Gum disease can cause loose teeth, pain, swelling, receding gums, and even a change in your bite, among other undesirable effects. We can perform various treatment techniques or prescribe medication to address infections or issues below your gum line, but call us as soon as you recognize the need for periodontal services. Quick action is critical to restoring your healthy gums.

Toothache & Tooth Pain Relief

There are many reasons why you may experience toothaches or tooth pain, but very few will simply dissipate on their own. Toothache causes include cavities, gingivitis, infections, abscesses, and impacted wisdom teeth – just to name a few. The pain may come in waves or persist as a dull, throbbing annoyance. Regardless of the source of your pain, Theron Baker DDS can treat it in our office or provide home remedies to try, so call us today.

Dental Fillings

Among the most common dental procedures are dental fillings. They can alleviate pain and arrest tooth decay in a simple, straightforward manner. At our office in downtown Seattle, you can choose from amalgam or composite fillings to treat your issue. We will make sure you are comfortable throughout your procedure and improve your oral health in just one visit.

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Oral health is a significant contributing factor to your overall health and vice versa. As a result, you should visit a dentist for teeth cleaning and oral exams at least twice per year. For patients in downtown Seattle, the choice of dentist is clear. Theron Baker DDS provides exceptional general dentistry services in a comfortable environment for individuals young and old. We are a Delta Dental preferred provider, and our office is just a few blocks away from Amazon.

To schedule your dental appointment with our friendly general dentist, call (206) 343-8774 today!

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